The latest finishing FAQs about using masks


QWhat kind of mouth placement can prevent fog?

A: The harm of fog mainly comes from the fine particles, that is, the aerodynamic particle size suspended in the air is small

Particles equal to 2.5 microns. Only choose professional particle protection port for effective protection, ordinary

The warm mouth mouth, cotton / gauze mouth egg, disposable non-woven mouth mouth (medical or non-medical) is not effective

Resist smog

At present, the country has not issued relevant product standards for civilian portals, but in GB262620x

"Self-suction filter type anti-particulate respirator" standard requires K90 level anti-particulate filtering

The efficiency should be at least greater than or equal to 90, so it is recommended to use a port that conforms to the KN0 and K95 standards. Such as 3M

9001, 3M821m particle protection port.

QDoes some households react to the newly purchased 3M particulate matter protection?

The raw materials of A3M products have undergone strict safety evaluation. For better wearing experience, it is recommended to eliminate

Consumers can open the package before use and let the protective port be placed in the clean ventilation ring grave for a period of time.

The taste will be greatly reduced.

Dust port

QCan children wear five mouths to prevent haze?

8 The existing anti-particulate product design target population is healthy adults, there will be

Fixed breathing resistance. Elderly people, children, and some people with special cardiopulmonary diseases who do not accept the relevant

Medical assessment, or failure to receive proper training on the use of methods, is temporarily unable to estimate the negative impact on their health

Face impact. If parents decide to wear protective mouth five for their children, pay attention to the safety of use

Under normal circumstances, when the air condition is poor, the elderly and children should be arrested to reduce going out and try to stay indoors

Can consider using an air purifier

Q: What should I do if my mouth is worn for a long time and I feel stuffy and wet?

A: It is recommended to choose a cup-shaped port with an exhalation valve, such as 3Mm8210, 932, etc. Exhalation valve

The valve can be opened during exhalation, reducing the resistance of exhalation and reducing the accumulation of heat and moisture in the mouth, but in

When inhaling, it closely fits the non-exhausting fistula, which helps increase breathing comfort under the premise of ensuring the protective effect. selected

Choose egg cup-shaped mouth, more breathing space, more comfortable and safe to wear

Q How bad is the air condition, should I wear a particle protection port when I go out?

AAccording to the "Regulations on Air Quality Index (AQI) of the Central Graves (Trial)" (H633-20x)